Masternode Install Instructions

The setup of the masternode presumes that you have an existing VPS (Virtual Private Server). The minimum requirements are - 1Gb of RAM and recommended distro is Ubuntu 14.04. This type of VPS goes around for 5$ per month on

Once you have setup your VPS and connected to it using the credentials DigitalOcean has sent to you over email - follow to the next part and execute each of these commands seperately one after another:

chmod +x

When the prompt asks for Masternode Private key, go back to your local wallet on your computer, open up the Debug Console and type masternode genkey. Copy the output and paste it in the remote servers command line. The installation should continue and soon complete. Once it is over - edit the .bitcloud/bitcloud.conf file and edit the following lines in square brackets:

masternodeprivkey=[YOUR GENKEY]
masternodeaddr=[YOUR SERVERIP]:8329

Save and close the file and restart the masternode to take the changes into the account.

Next you have to transfer exactly 10,000 BTDX to the newly created address.
Type in Debug Console on your local computer getnewaddress mn1 (mn1 can be any identifier you would like to use) and send exactly 10,000 BTDX to this address. You can send these funds from your own wallet too. There is no need to create a new wallet to send the funds back and forth.

Next step is to let our local wallet know about the new masternode we have set up - open Masternode Configuration file from the menu. And add new line as shown in the example:


Once the 10,000 BTDX transaction has collected more than 15 confirmations, open the Debug Console and type in masternode start-alias mn1 (alias should be the one you have supplied in the Masternode Configuration file).

If you hit some hurdles along the way, do not hesitate and join our Discord or Telegram groups to ask the support of the community!

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